Best free AIA file for Kodular 2022

Gym Body Building App free AIA file for Kodular 2022

Gym Body Building App free AIA file for Kodular 2022

      Hello guys, this is Santosh and welcome to you on Online tech support. In this topic, we covered How you can make πŸ’ͺGym body building application using Kodular app inventor. As you know Kodular app inventor is a free platform where you can make application without coding knowledge. So we developed this application using kodular app builder for you.

            You can also download AIA file from this topic, But AIA file contain password protect. If you want to know password of the Gym AIA file you need to watch our video in youtube.

      For finding the password of you need to watch video from our youtube channel. πŸ‘‰Click here to watch video. If you already watched and know the password, then you can download the AIA file without any issue. For more information about Gym body building application AIA file, then continue with this topic how you can setup for it in Kodular.

    Guys you can able to publish this app in Google play console after proper changes and make money online using ads. For more information continue reading this topic or watch video from our youtube channel. A complete setup video already available in our channel.
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Feature of the Application :

    There are so many features we are added in this project, such as : Gym practices, workout, Gym types, Categories, diet for body building, Video tutorial(Online), app with admob monetization setup and more. This application is designed as a professional you would be like. If you want to add some feature with proper block coding knowledge in this app, then you can do.

Test demo Application of Gym body building :

Click below download button to get demo application and install it in your mobile.πŸ‘‡


Components are used in the project :

        For making a professional app, there are many components have to added. We also add many components in this project. Such as :

1. Buttons

2. Lables

3. Arrangement (Horizontal, Vertical)

4. Images

5. Sidebar

6. Youtube player

7. Notifier

8. Activity stater

9. Sharing

10. Admob Banner, Interstitial

11. Clock

You need to change in project :

     After download the AIA file, you have to import in the Kodular builder. Next you have to change app name, Icon, Images, App themes, App package name, Keystore(SHA1 key), Video id for youtube player component (in block part) and Admob ads id. 

      If you are not change in this project, then you can't upload it in Google play console because copyright issue may be come in your bundle and your application upload can be reject by Play console team. So you need to make changes in your project after import in kodular.

       You can import this AIA file in kodular app inventor only not in any builder. If you want to make same application using other app inventor platform, then you can follow same procedure in other builder. Note : It is not a Android studio project.

How to monetize the aplication in koadular ?

    We already monetized this project using Admob ads. We used ADmob abnner ad, Interstial ad. Ads setup properly implemented in the app, you need to change admob banner id and admob interstitial id in the Admob ad component and disable the test mode before upload app in Google play cosnole. For testing purpose you can enable the test mode.

How to Download the AIA file :

     Click belowπŸ‘‡ download button to get the Kodular professional AIA file free. It is only for kodular builder. After download it, import it in the Kodular platform.


Password of the AIA file :

      It is totally free project for all kodular developer. This AIA file is protected by password. For get the password you need to watch the video in our youtube channel. The password is available in the video.


       Watch full video without skip for getting the password and likeπŸ‘ the video. Subscribe usπŸ™ in youtube for get more application development tutorial and AIA file. If facing any type issue please comment in comment box of the youtube. We'll reply as soon as possible.

      If you are unable to open the password protected file or find password, then click below download button to get AIA file without password.πŸ‘‡πŸ‘‡



Developer who using mobile for building app, they can download above AIA file which is available without password. Because password protected file can't open in mobile phone.

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       So, I hope you can able to make a Body building app by using our project. Please visit our channel and like, share, subscribe us. Thank you for visit Online tech support.

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