Login and signup procedure for application

 Register procedure for application design using firebase

Register procedure for application design using firebase

        In today's topic, we will make the procedure of login sign up in the application using firebase database. How to make a user login and signup interface in kodular with complete block setup. You can easily make user login and signup procedure by see our video from youtube.

        As you know firebase database is a free database where we can store many kind of data. If you use Firebase Database in your application, then its loading speed is very good, very soon all the data interfaces are exposed.

      There are many features available in firebase for data storing, images storing, documents storing, hosing, realtime data storing, machine learning. But we will be use firebase realtime database for data storing and showing in application.

      Basically today we will be using firebase database to create login and sign up procedure in our application. First you have to create a project by creating an account in Firebase. Next you have to connect with application.We have made a complete video on this topic.  If you want, you can watch the full video by clicking on the link given below.

Click Here to watch video from Youtube.

     You can make complete login and sign up procedure by watching the video, otherwise you can download the AIA file for free. Next you have to import that AIA file in the kodular creator. After import the AIA file, you have to put Firebase url and token in the firebase components.

     We used four firebase components in the project for login, signup, forget password, refer system. You not need to do anything in the block coding part of the kodular because, all setup already done by me. If you try to do any changes without proper knowledge, then error may show on your app.

AIA File features :

  1. Sign up procedure
  2. Login procedure
  3. Referral system
  4.  Forget password procedure

Components Using :

  1.  Vertical scroll arrangements
  2.  Horizontal arrangements
  3.  Card view
  4.  Image components
  5.  Buttons
  6.  Labels
  7.  Check box
  8. Firebase database (Data storing and data getting)
  9. TinyDB (Offline Data store)
  10. Clock component
  11. Dialogue extension

Ues of this procedure :

   You can use login and signup procedure in earning app, education app and other app, where you want to store user's data. It is a online procedure and internet connection is required for data getting and store.

     We make only user login, register and forget password procedure in this project. If you want to do more procedure then you can do in home screen. for more information watch full video from our youtube channel.

How to download AIA file ?

   Click below download button to get AIA file free. After download it import it in the kodular creator. You can make same procedure in other builder but can not import kodular's AIA file in other builder.


What need to change ?

       If you want to publish app in google play console, after complete app using our AIA file, you need to change application icon, photos, keystore, app name, App package. Otherwise copyright issue may come in your app.

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