Direct Gmail send app by Google app script

 Direct gmail send app making procedure by Kodular

       In this post we are discussed How you can a direct gmail send app by using kodular platform. So let's start...

    Hi guys this is Santosh and welcome to Online tech support. So guys today we made a application by using kodular. If you want to collect user's data by your gmail, like user's name, mobile no, personal information, then you can do.

    A complete video published in your youtube channel about it. For good understanding watch full video without skip. 

    You can build this application in any builder. You will have to follow the same procedure that we have told. If you have any doubt then you can comment us on our youtube channel. 

How it work this procedure?

      To make this app, some text boxes will be required in which the user can write their data through text. As the user submits after filling the text data, then all the data of that user will come in your register gmail.

     To make this app you will need 'Direct Email Sender' extension and you have to setup in Google App Script by using script code. We have given the 'Direct Email Sender' extension and the app script code, you can download it and also you will get the aia file of this project for free.

    This project's AIA file only for kodular builder. You can import it in kodular app inventor. For other builder, you have to follow same procedure.

Click here to watch video from our channel.

 You can see below block setup image for more information. How you can set block coding for this app.

Google app script code :

function doPost(e) {
  var recipient = e.parameters.recipient;
      recipient = decodeURI(recipient);
  var subject = e.parameters.subject;
      subject = decodeURI(subject);
  var body = e.parameters.body;
      body = decodeURI(body);
  MailApp.sendEmail(recipient, subject, body);

Use above code in the Google app script account by watching video from our channel. 
   you can also download script by clicking below download button.


 AIA File download link :
   This aia file for kodular app builder. For other builder you can follow same procedure.


 Extension download link :


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