Kodular app monetization tips 2022

 About ads approval system in Kodular :

    If you are using kodular app inventor platform for application development, there are so many features available for make an app without coding. Components drag and drop system available, no required to coding knowledge for make apps. Basically we are making app for serve ads in our app and make money online. For application monetization we are using admob ads, facebook ads, unity ads, startapp ads and etc. These ads will be show in your app after published app in Google play console. If you want to showing ads in your app without publish, then you have to request for ads approval in kodular.

    If your app not approved by the kodular team, then " Action required" error will be show and application will not work properly after install in mobile. So you have to take approval for serve ads in your app.

How to get ads approval in Kodular ?

    Hello guys, this is Santosh and welcome to Online tech support. In today's topic, I will tell you how to get approval of ads in Kodular. First of all, I would like to tell, for Kodular ads approval, some tips have to be followed, like getting Admob ads approval easily. The video is already published on this topic in our youtube channel, you can watch the video for more information.

    I would like to tell you that you should not make such apps in which your ads showing request will be rejected for approval. Earning App, Gambling App, Violence App and App which do not have content, you do not build in this type of App Kodular. Ads approval will not be available on this type of app. 

      If you want, you can get ads show by uploading this type of app in Google Play Console. After uploading the app in the play console, the error of 'Action Required' will not be seen. Ads are seen in your app.

Click here to watch Video How to request for app monetization in Kodular.

Kodular Ads approval system:

    The tips that I will share with you today for ads approval in Kodular, it is going to be very useful in your work. So that read the topic carefully. For the past many days, I have been working in kodular app inventor. And the tips that I myself use, I will tell you today. I have got approval of ads in 45 to 50 apps and till date no issue has happened.

Three tips you should be follow :

1. Your application should not have earning, violence, gambling, low quality content.
2. After creating a new project, you will have to wait at least 2 days to get ads approval in the application. Otherwise the time will show instead of 'request approval'.
3. Project description should be in English language.

     If you do not know how project description is written, you can copy our given text. I take ads approval in kodular by filling this description text. You can copy the text given below. If any issue you are facing, then visit our youtube channel and typee comment in comment box. I will help you as well as possible.

Copy below text:

" It is a Age calculator app which is work with offline and online mode. Basically we are used Admob ads in this project for app monetization. Now I am building this app and it will take more some days. After all complete I'll publish it in Google play console and in this period i want to show ads in this "Age calculator" app. Admob ads are working with test mode enabled but when disable the test mode, 'Action Required' error showing after install app. So please help us. Thank you Kodular Team. "

    Ads will not be approved in earning app, violence app, gambling app and low quality content app. If you develop this type of application then don't do it because ads approval will not be available for these type apps. All these apps count in low quality project in kodular. If you try to get admob ads approval in this type app then kodular team will permanently block project monetization. Like none of your earning will be made. for more information watch video from our youtube channel. 

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Why this type of application does not get approval?

    Because there is a chance of invalid activity in all these applications. INVALID ACTIVITY means, If you are watching your ad yourself or forcing a friend to watch the ad, then this procedure is accounted for in the invalid activity and it is against Admob policy. If Kodular will approved ads request for this type of application, then you will do invalid activities. And it will against the kodular policy and admob policy. In this situation, Admob team can complain to the team of kodular. Considering this whole policy, the Kodular does not ads approve in these type of applications.

Download our project :

    Today the project in which I have taken approval from kodular, if you want to download this project then you will get it for free.  You can download this project for free by clicking on the 'download button' given below and after downloading this project, import it into your kodular creator.


   After import the project do major changes and change app name, package, icon, images, keystore. Then wait maximum 2 days for ads approval in kodular. 

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