Some WhatsApp trick you should be know 2022

 Don't make this mistake on whatsapp 

Whatsapp trick

         If you are doing all these mistakes in whatsapp, then you can get into trouble. Don't do these and setup settings of whatsapp.

Who does not use WhatsApp in today's world? as you know WhatsApp is a instant messaging social app. Whenever there is any work like messaging, sending a file, sending a photo, then we mostly use WhatsApp. Do you know if you do these mistakes on WhatsApp then your data can be leaked and you can also go to jail. So what are all these mistakes let's know.

Often we are very aware of the advantages of WhatsApp but are not aware of the disadvantages. Due to which we have to face many problems in the future. Today in this topic I will tell you which one should not make all those mistakes on WhatsApp. So let's start.

1. Don't forward such type massage

Different messages keep coming on WhatsApp for some time. Some of them are fake news, some are scam messages. Before you share any information or message, you should know, this message is not fake. Along with this, many fake website url and links are forwarded in the name of free cash offers, government lunched schemes and wishes scripts. Please avoid all these links and don't forward to anyone. Do not send any messages or promoting hate speech against any religion or community. And some messages come in such a way that they show you greed in the pursuit of getting money for clicking on the links. Like your phone pe or Google pe account can be hacked and your money can be deducted. Please save from Fraud and don't forward it.

2. Don't share dirty videos on WhatsApp

Don't share dirty videos on whatsapp and don't abuse to anyone. This can put you in a dangerous situation. If you are sharing dirty videos and If someone reports about you to WhatsApp, in this case your account may be banned by WhatsApp team and according to the WhatsApp policy, The police can file a complaint. So, don't share such type of videos and clips on whatsapp.

3. Don't forget to logout web WhatsApp

Sometimes we use WhatsApp Web to use WhatsApp in other devices. After using whatsapp web we forget to log out. By not logging out, all the messages we will get, the message will also come in WhatsApp Web. Due to which any other person can see our personal message. Anyone can blackmail to you because of such personal message. So always logout web WhatsApp after finish work from other device.

Whatsapp trick and tips

4. Stop auto backup in whatsapp

There is a feature available on WhatsApp by which all your messages are automatically backed up. If you want, you can also manage this backup time. Do you know your breakup message can be hacked by hacker? 

Like all your chats are backed up on WhatsApp, then all those messages go and get saved in Google Drive or iCloud. If a hacker hacks your Google Driving or iCloud account, then whatever data is there, it will be hack, along with your breakup message can also be hand. And your personal message may be lost. Hacker may be read your personal message. Instead of backing up the chat, export the chart and keep it in a safe place where it cannot be hacked.

5. Don't share any information in profile photo

In between, we keep changing our profile photo on WhatsApp. Always try to put your own photo in the profile pictureand don't have any information in their photo. Profile photo should not contain any personal number, Vehicle no, biodata, account details and othe documents. Because of this someone can take wrong advantage of you.

6. Don't save unknown number

If you save the number of an unknown person, he can see your profile picture and statis on WhatsApp. Like an unknown person can be able to know all your activities. Please avoid do this.

7. Activate two-step verification on WhatsApp

A six digit code will be save and store in WhatsApp team when you activate two-step verification in WhatsApp. When you change your mobile or change number, first of all you have to put two-step verification code for confirmation. Sometimes you have to put this code for continuing use whatsapp. In this procedure you can save your account from Fraud.

Whatsapp tips

If you follow all the whatsapp trick given above, then you will not have to face any trouble on whatsapp. I hope you have liked this topic.

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