Facebook appeal form filling process 2022

     If you are an Android developer and monetize your application, then you are using many ad networks platform. Among them, Facebook Audience Network is a platform within which you can monetize your application and in this Facebook Audience Network, you get to see more CPM and you can earn better. There are so many developers are working with Facebook audience network for monetizing their application because the policy inside it is very good and understandable. If you make a minor mistake, the monetization of your application is blocked and your application is approved successfully as you appeal and the add in your application just reappears.

     I personally use Facebook Audience Network to monetize my application and I earn a lot per month. If you want more information on this, then you can visit our YouTube channel.  I have covered a lot of topics in it.  Like how can you monetize the application within the Facebook audience network so that it can rebel against your earning?


     In today's topic, I will tell you if your application has illuminated any policy of Facebook audience network then how can you appeal in the Facebook audience network and how can you run the ad again in your application. How to fill appeal form in Facebook audience network.

Why policy violation?

   There are many reasons occurred for policy violation. As if your application is already in google play console and from which region your application got removed from google play console and you are used facebook ads in the app. In this case the application commits policy violation in Facebook audience network.

    And some developers make such mistake, there are no content inside the application still he tries to moneize the application. In this case Application monetization is rejected. 

Why my app removed from Google play console?

      My application was already live in google play console. But after few days my application was removed from google play console because metadata policy was violating. It was written in the Meta Data Police that I had not filled the description properly of my application.  Due to which the application was removed. And I also used facebook audience network ads in the application. 

     After the application was removed from the Google Play console, the Facebook audience network got a policy violation. Because neither is the rele of Facebook,  If your application is live in Google Play Console then Facebook ad will show.  Otherwise it will not show.

    So I made some major changes and updated the application to get the application back in the Google Play Console and within a few hours my application was back live in the Google Play console. Next I appealed again to ads show in the application in the Facebook audience network. 

    To make an appeal, you have to follow some procedure which I have mentioned below. First of all, you have to open the Facebook Audience Network Dashboard go to side menu and click on the "Integration" next click on "Properties". When you click on it, your all applications will be show. Next click that app in which you want to appeal.

    Then you have to click on the "Appeal" option. Then your app details will be show. Then click on 'next'. When 'Verification' option will open, you have to click "Appeal" again. Next you have to fill appeal form.

  • First you have to click in the check box. ( Clicking on the check box means that you have read all the policies of Facebook Audience Network and your application is not violating any policy.)
  • Then you have to fill description. What you have changed in the application, you will have to fill in the description in English language. (How to fill the description If you do not know then you can copy the text given by us.)
  • Next you have to add a screenshot of application. 

   After all data fill you have to click on "Submit" button. When you click, your request will be send to Facebook audience network team. And after few hours you will get an email and your application will be monetized again and as before, ads will show again.

For more information about it, visit our youtube channel. Video already available in this topic. CLICK HERE to watch.

Copy below text :

   " Hi dear, We recently update our bundle in Google play console after major changes. Before this update our application was removed from play console due to policy violation and Now the application is live in play console. The bundle is meet the all policy and guidelines. Please review again and monetize our app. Thank you. "

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