E-Shram card app aia file download for Niotron

       E-Shram card app aia file download for Niotron : Friends, today from this article you will be get E-shram card portal's AIA file for Niotron free, so continue reading this article.

E-Shram card app aia file download for Niotron Hindi

       You can download the aia file of the E-Shram card app project for free, but before that, some changes have to be done inside this project, you must see. We have made a completely video on our YouTube channel, you can watch that video. The link of the video is given below. You stay with this article, we will explain to you in detail what needs to be changed inside this project.

      Friends, we have created this project in Niotron Builder and this project is dynamic type. If you put this project once in Google play console or any other app store, then you do not need to update again and again for change url, it has used online database like you can change website url through Airtable database.

Video link : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UsNa5UHCnao

What should be changed in this project?

       According to the Google play console policy, if you want to publish this project in the play console, then you will have to make a lot of changes.

      First of all application name, app package name, app icon, images, theme, keystore/ SHA1 key have to be changed. After that you have to set Base id, API Key, Table name, Column name in Airtable database.

Airtable database setup for this project :

    First you add a project to the Airtable database. You can name the project anything. Next set the table name and column name. After that click on the api documentation. And a page will open. In that page you will get base id and api key. Taking both of these base id and api key, you will have to put it in Niotron Builder.

     And the website url has to be put in the column box. You can change website url through online database. For more information watch the video from our youtube channel.

How to download AIA File?

    You can download AIA File by clicking on the download button given below. After downloading, upload the project to neotron builder.


Friends, if you want to monetize this project, then you can easily earn a lot of money by monetizing inside Nitron.

       We have prepared the demo application of this project, if you want to test then you can definitely use this demo application before downloading the aia file. This demo application is only for testing purposes, it cannot be downloaded and uploaded to any app store. One can download the Test Application by clicking above the download button given below.

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