Keyboard shortcut key for computer 2022

Best unique keyboard shortcut keys for windows

Best unique keyboard shortcut keys for windows

       Friends, if you want to export information about a computer shortcut keys, then this topic is for you. Today we will tell you about many computer keyboard shortcut keys, which will help you a lot. So friends, read this topic till the end, let's start....

     All the computer shortcut keys that we will talk about today are for all Windows systems, all these keyboard shortcut keys will work well in windows.

     Friends, in today's article, we will tell all the computer keyboard shortcuts from Beginner to Export level, if you know all this, then you can skip it and what you do not know and can note.

      If you are a beginner or work in any field, then after knowing all these keyboard shortcuts windows 10, you can become an export and it is going to be useful for you.

     Friends, whenever we do any work in the computer, we use keyboard shortcut keys. This saves our time and gets all the work done very quickly.

List of the Keyboard shortcut key for windows :

Alt+E        : Current program Edit option open.

Alt+F        : File menu options open

Alt+ Tab    : Switching between opened program

F1              : Show help information for opend program

F2              : Selected field Rename

F5              : Refresh current program

F12            : View Page source of browser

Ctrl+D      : Bookmark of internet browser

Ctrl+T      : New tab open in Internet browser

Ctrl+N      : New blank document creation

Ctrl+N      : New window of internet browser

Ctrl+O      : Open a new file

Ctrl+A      : Select all (select all shortcut : You can select all file or text)

Ctrl+B      : This shortcut using for bold text

Ctrl+H      : Browse history of browser

Ctrl+I      : Using for Italic selected text

Ctrl+U      : Using for underline selected text

Ctrl+F      : For find in current window

Ctrl+S      : Save current text documents or files

Ctrl+X      : Cut selected texts or files

Ctrl+W      : Close current program (You can close any current program by clicking this keyboard shortcut key)

Shift+Del  : Cut selected texts or files

   Whenever we work in the computer, the work of copy and paste has to be used mostly. So you can use these four shortcut keys.

Ctrl+C      : Copy selected text or files

Ctrl+Ins    : Copy selected text or files

Ctrl+V      : Paste copied data

Shift+Ins  : Paste copied data

 Friends, if you have opened any important data in the computer and want to keep it with you quickly, then you can use the screenshot. You also need to know the screenshot windows shortcut. You can use screenshot keyboard shortcut in 2 ways.

Windows key + Print screen key

Windows key + Shift + S

Do you know keyboard shortcut for undo and redo ? let us tell you today. irrespective of what program you’re running, Ctrl+Z will roll back your last action. Whether you’ve just overwritten a complete paragraph in Microsoft Word or deleted a file you didn’t mean to, this one is an absolute lifesaver.

Ctrl + Z     : Undo the previous action

Ctrl + Y     : Redo the previous action

What is the print screen shortcut key in windows ? You can use this shortcut key for print any documents.

Ctrl + P     : Print current page or documents

Keyboard shortcut key for computer 2022

Ctrl + K     : Add hyperlink 

Home key  : Go to the start of the current line.

End Key    : Go to the last of the current line.

Ctrl + Home : Go to Start of the document

Ctrl + End    : Go to end of the document

Ctrl + left arrow    : Move one word to the left at a time

Ctrl + right arrow  : Move one word to the right at a time

Ctrl + Esc              : Start menu open

Windows key        : Start menu open

Win + Shift + Esc : Task manager open

Alt + F4                : Close current window

Alt + Enter           : Open properties of selected file

Ctrl + Shift + N    : New folder creation

Windows key + L : Lock the computer

Windows key + L : Show or hide window screen

Windows key + X : Power task menu open ( This is for keyboard shortcuts windows 10 and windows 8)

Windows key + Down arrow : Minimize the current windows

Windows key + Up arrow      : Maximize the current windows

Windows key + left arrow     : Snap window of current program

Windows key + right arrow   : Snap window of current program

Windows key + I                    : Open setting

Windows key + S                   : Open Search windows

Windows key + C                   : Talking with Cortana

Windows+Ctrl+D                   : New virtual window

      Whenever we are chatting or typing, it is very nice to add emoji😊 in the middle of the text. Emoji builds our trust with expressions🤞. that's a good to read. We are tell you some emoji keyboard shortcut key for your typing👍.

Windows key + .       :  Emoji and symbols

Windows key + ;       : Emoji and symbols

PC shortcut keys for special characters

Many special characters may be created using computer keyboard shortcuts. Below are a number of the more common and popular special characters and therefore the keyboard shortcuts for window to form them. Many special characters are often created using keyboard shortcuts key. Below are a number of the more common and popular special characters and also the keyboard shortcuts to form them.

Alt+0224    :       à

Alt+0232    :       è

Alt+0236    :       ì

Alt+0242     :    ò

Alt+0241     :    ñ

Alt+0228     :    ä

Alt+0246     :    ö

Alt+0252     :    ü

Alt+0248     :    ø

Alt+0223     :    ß

Alt+0198     :    Æ

Alt+0231       :     ç

Alt+0191       :     ¿

Alt+0176 °   :    (degree symbol)

Alt+0177 ±  :    (plus/minus symbol)

Alt+0153     :    ™

Alt+0169     :    ©

Alt+0174     :    ®

Alt+0128      :     €  (Euro currency)

Alt+0162     :    ¢  (Cent symbol)

Alt+0163     :    £  (British Pound currency)

Alt+0165      :     ¥  (Japanese Yen currency)

     All the keyboard shortcuts we have mentioned so far are all basic computer shortcut keys. All these shortcuts can be used in all your computer fields. But there are some apps in which you have to use something different shortcut key.

      I hope friends, you must have come to know about all the computer shortcuts keys given above. You can make your work easier by applying this keyboard shortcut key in any computer work.

    It can be difficult to remember so many computer shortcuts keys but if the you use in your daily computer work then it will convert into your habit.

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